Quick Description of T-Handle Locks

10 Nov 2022
Quick Description of T-Handle Locks

What is T-handle locks?

T-handle locks are the special types of door locks that are often used on the wooden or metal doors of garages. These locks are called as such since the handle used for operating the lock has a shape that resembles the letter T. 
A T-handle type of lock doesn't use the traditional key. When opening T-shaped handle locks, the keys that you need should be shaped similar to cylinders which are not very common. In addition to garage doors, these T handle locks are also appropriate to use for the doors of mobile homes as well as different recreational vehicles. 

Common Material of T-Handle Locks

This special kind of handle lock is usually made from steel materials. T-handle locks are also often coated with a chrome finish or black powder to further improve their attractiveness even further.

 Two Examples of the T-Handle Lock Use

These locks are also quite useful to ensure the level of security of your garage, recreational vehicle, or mobile home. In addition to these practical applications, you can also use T-handle locks for other types of doors. 

1.    Garage
Every time you use this particular type of lock for your garage, you will feel more secure and have more peace of mind knowing that everything inside your garage is safe and secure from intruders or burglars. It is quite common for some homeowners to store most of their valuables in the garage. 

The garage is the part of their home where they store their expensive gym equipment, gardening tools, and other less frequently used but are still equally valuable items in the garage. The garage also serves as the common storage area for many homeowners where they keep their treasured hunting gear and equipment. While you might seldom use this stuff, these are still quite expensive, so it just makes perfect sense to ensure that your garage is always safe and secure. 

To make your garage more secure, it is recommended to install T-handle locks that are not easy and simple to breach. It also makes you feel more at ease every time you are away from home knowing that your garage and your house, in general, are securely and safely locked. 

2.    Mobile Home
When you own a mobile home, it is equally crucial that you keep it secure using a T-handle lock for you to feel safe when you are inside. It is a must if you often travel on your mobile home around the countryside. After all, you will need to park in some remote areas when nighttime comes, and during these instances, you will have no idea what dangers might be lurking around you. 

You also have to ensure that you and your whole family are safe and protected while sleeping soundly inside the mobile home. Anyone with bad intentions wouldn’t be able to breach your mobile home if you are using a T-handle lock. With this particular type of lock, you can have the assurance that you and your family will feel safe during your countryside trips. 

The next time you want to improve the level of security of your garage, mobile home, or recreational vehicle, T-handle locks might just be what you need. Contact us to find a T-Handle Lock that you need.


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